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Here is a step by step of how I created MemeBuddy for Rocket.Chat.

MemeBuddy in action on Rocket.Chat

Setting up shop

On your development machine, you will need to install the Rocket.Chat Apps-Engine CLI. Follow these docs.

Creating MemeBuddy App

You see, John, life pretty much gives you what you ask from it. Most people want to feel better, have more energy or live with greater satisfaction. Yet, when you ask them to tell you more precisely what it is they want, they have no answer. You change your life the moment you set your goals and start to seek out your Dharma.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari — Robin Sharma

A hotshot lawyer, Julian, far ahead of his heyday, fit to be called a “man of dreams” for all the women out there, suddenly has a heart attack while in the midst of a court session. Julian…

So I took up learning Python more deeply last week as now I feel overwhelmed by another domain of Computer Science. It’ll just take me one hint to make you guess what it is — “Everyone’s trying to do it.”. Any guesses?

For the ones who guessed it, lets meet! For the ones who didn’t it’s — Machine Learning! (Better luck next time!)

As I was learning Python I came across a topic called Web Scraping. Web scraping is pulling off all the data on a particular site, without perhaps letting the site owner know you’ve done anything so 😈.

I already feel like one!

It’s Rick and Morty Time !!

So, I picked up some Web Development skills this Summer and started brainstorming for ideas (I know, there are about a million! ). And so I thought what could be better than a fan support page for my all-time favorite cartoon series — Rick and Morty!

What do you think?

I collected all my favorite images of Rick and Morty and put it into a pretty webpage (Can guys use that word?). Here‘s a Screenshot:

Rohan Lekhwani

Open source enthusiast and contributor | Contributing @ Rocket.Chat | Previously @ Gojek, DRDO, C-DAC

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